About Connection Coach

The nature of all living forms is to grow to their maximum potential in their living environment.

We human beings are the same!

However, human beings have a power and a curse: choices. Humans can choose to grow. Unfortunately, many people choose to live accidentally, and forever they can’t reach their potential. They easily fall into an “automatic flight” mode, life floats by, silently, days in, days out.

Are you finding yourself in this condition?

To escape from that self-predicting loop of living, working, making money, we need an environment; just like how trees need soil, water, fertilizers, and sunlight.

We need rich soil - the value foundation of that environment.

We need water - is the source of life.

We need fertilizers - the essence of knowledge and experience.

We need sunlight - the guidance for our purpose and dreams.

Connection Coach is that environment you’re looking for. It’s the environment for you to grow to your ultimate potential and live a significant and meaningful life, fulfill your life purpose and passion, and use them to bring value to others.

Purpose of Connection Coach

We all need to re-member our passion to fulfill our human needs

Physical need

To live fully, with good food, warm clothes, enjoyable entertainment, and a healthy body

Spiritual need

To establish harmonious and positive relationships, to love and be loved

Mental need

To give and receive respect, to build self-value, and to realize our strongest desire, which is to have the opportunity and possibility to grow ourselves in the optimal pathway alongside worthy partners

Successful people usually encourage us to follow our passion, yet few could find it; even if they could, their passion may slowly fade if it doesn’t help to fulfill these needs.

Methodology: Connection Coach takes life experiences and creates from them the learning processes and tools, so that you can grow fully in all physical, spiritual, and mental aspects, then to re-member your passion and life purpose, and live a meaningful life by adding value to others, from those very own passion and purpose.

In those processes, you connect with yourself to recognize your talents and strengths, using them to build a worthy career. You will be able to answer three burning questions: What makes you who you are today? What do you really want to do? How do you do it? From the answers, you will realize your passion and life purpose.

You connect with others around you to proactively put yourself into their lives, and proactively put them into your life, to love and to beloved, to guide and be guided on the journey. That’s the heart of a meaningful life.

Philosophies of Connection Coach

Your learning is your life

The first step to question who we are, what we feel, what we think, what we do, what we ask, and what we really want, before embarking on the journey of living full of complications, layers of emotional barriers, perspectives, and opinions.

Your home is your classroom

Love and compassion start from home. Let's experience different levels of partnership, leadership, learning, and let others give and receive their love, care, and compassion to us.

Your city is your campus

Use your passion and life purpose to bring value to other people's lives, from then, multiply that value to your small communities, and finally to the larger society.

Value agreements of Connection Coach

Learners are teachers

Reality is relative

We only learn from experience

Whatever will be will be

Be present for one another

Pain is pleasure!

Activities of Connection Coach

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