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Dreams display on your face

We were having a class on clarity of dreams with 8 business-people. We talked about the need to visualize and write the dreams down, frequently, and reflect on them to a point that we no longer needed the description to explain our dreams to someone else. That’s when we started to speak from our hearts.

My boss was the facilitator of the session, and I was the interpreter for him. Same old things that we did many times before. We were citing the “I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr., I had recited the speech a few times before, so I translated it to Vietnamese without any problem.

Suddenly, one of the participants - who’s also a friend of mine - said: if you want to know who has a big dream, just look at Daniel. I was taken by surprise for a second, and a big smile appeared on my face. I couldn’t stop smiling for half an hour.

I kept on thinking about his statement for days. Yes, I have a dream, I’ve written it down numerous times, I have spoken about it in my classes, in my speeches. I have reflected on it. I have tested it with difficult questions. But why did my friend know for sure that I had a big dream, even if I never shared it with him?

Dreams display on our faces

I remember talking with a partner once, and we came to a conclusion that, once you talk to someone with passion about what you believe in, no matter what that person does, he will likely support you.

Now I realize, yes, dreams show on our faces. They show in our eyes when we do what we love, in those sparkles hidden behind a steady gaze toward a clear direction. They show in our voices when we talk about what we love, in those trembles and shaken emotions kept well in those powerful words we use to describe our dreams. They show in our calm and fulfilling smile when we think about what we love, no matter what happens out there in the vast and messy world.

I dream of a day, when we all know our purpose of being born, our passion of being alive, and our potential of significance. I see myself standing among people of significance, walking with them through a process that I develop, to help them (and myself) attain our unlimited power and wisdom as human beings. I see myself speaking on stage to people, sharing my life stories, connecting with them through our hearts and minds. I see myself coaching people who are lost, but soon again found in their purpose. I see myself growing old but staying young forever with my wife. I see us in a large garden full of flowers and trees and plants and vegetables, with our close community living in a sustainable environment, where humans are worthy of that name.

Do all these show on my face? Yes, even typing this down makes me feel emotional.

Dreams call out to people with the same dreams

One of the most difficult questions usually asked in start-up talks is: how to find the right partners or at least someone to work with us, while our start-up project is still too small to pay them well or promise them good return? I answered this question once, by saying: we don’t need people who work for us, or work with us, but we need people who believe in the same thing as us. That shows in their values and purpose.

Now I have achieved a much better clarity. How do we know someone’s values and purpose? Through their dreams.

And how to find the right partners or someone to work with us? Simple: we must attain clarity of our dreams, and show them on our faces.

Only then others can see them, be attracted to them, and if they have the same dreams, they will join us.

From now, you can practice. Imagine a scene that makes you feel so peaceful, so fulfilled. Imagine who are there with you. Imagine what you are doing to serve them. Imagine where all of you are. Write them all down. And look at yourself in the mirror when you think about that image. Do you feel emotional?

I am a trainer of human potential, an inventor of ideas, a Toastmaster of inspirational expressions, and a believer of everyone achieving their dreams. My past adventures include authoring and co-authoring 10 patents in the field of audio and ultrasonic technologies, performing in rock bands, organizing a cross-country business case competition and also winning one, and public speaking. My life purpose brings me to people development. I am now a writer, facilitator and coach of Connection Coach, a new venture to help others realize their full potential and make a positive impact in the society through leadership, growth, and connection.

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