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Focus: the path of personal growth

I’ve been working intensively and extensively in the field of personal growth. All of the training programs that I designed had a core element of personal growth in them. I always told my participants that, if we can’t grow ourselves, we can’t grow anything else.

Recently, I’ve started – experimented to be exact – a group of trusted friends, who would read a good personal development book, and apply it in a certain period of time. Each week will be spent on just one chapter, so that we have enough time to apply the chapter. Only then we will come together and discuss the application. This is for the purpose of personal growth.

In the first session, I asked everyone to share their purpose of joining this group, or purpose of their life, or if it’s too hard, just one goal they’d like to achieve in the coming six months. My question was to direct everyone’s growth toward a definite path. Some of us could share our goals, yet some of us could not.

That’s when it came to me, that everyone wanted to grow, but not everyone knew clearly what personal growth meant. The next session, I asked everyone about their own perception of personal growth, and there were somehow only a few commonalities. No one mentioned one very important aspect of personal growth: focus! Perhaps that’s why many people are struggling with it, even though they spend much effort.

We cannot and should not grow everywhere and everything at the same time. Focus on one aspect is the key!

Focus on one great book and apply it in a year, not on 12 books for 12 months without application

Yes, reading books is among the top priority of those successful people, and it’s true that if we want to be like them, reading is a must. But that’s not the full story. We must allow us the time to think and apply the books too. It’s not about how many books you’ve read, it’s about how many books you’ve applied.

Focus on just one great master and follow him, not jumping from one master to another

It’s a curse in Ho Chi Minh City these days, that too many trainers offer free training programs for the public. Then students and working adults alike jump from one program to another, without the willingness to invest more time and money in the paid programs. Then they argue over concepts, that this trainer says one thing, that trainer says another thing, without delving deeply into the core of it all that all great teachers follow the same philosophies, just different methodologies. The students think they know everything after learning from 10 trainers. Then they refuse to learn further.

No wonder people’s mindset is messed up. If you could be patient to follow one great master, learn everything that master has to offer, for sure you will become a master yourself.

Focus on just one purpose and one goal at a time, not developing yourself to achieve 10 goals

Many want to solve way too many problems at the same time. And they want to learn way too many things at the same time. That’s not the right approach for personal growth. Personal growth always has a definite target. If one could grow himself toward a definite purpose for 6 months, he would surely develop a habit and achieving a purpose would just be a matter of time.

Growth is the only sure way to a fulfilled life. And focus is the only sure way to grow.

I am a trainer of human potential, an inventor of ideas, a Toastmaster of inspirational expressions, and a believer of everyone achieving their dreams. My past adventures include authoring and co-authoring 10 patents in the field of audio and ultrasonic technologies, performing in rock bands, organizing a cross-country business case competition and also winning one, and public speaking. My life purpose brings me to people development. I am now a writer, facilitator and coach of Connection Coach, a new venture to help others realize their full potential and make a positive impact in the society through leadership, growth, and connection.

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