Coaching & Counseling with Connection Coach

You already have all the resources you need to solve all your problems.

Emotional and mental difficulties, blockage or problems deep within our subconscious can't be fully overcome in short programs, but they need us to be listened to, counseled, and coached one-on-one in longer engagement, with professional practitioners. We have used our coaching and counseling certifications to help many people overcome their obstacles in life and relationships.

⭐If you feel that you need a space to come back to yourself, face the difficulties that you have never dared to look straight at, we welcome you to visit us. In our practice of life coaching and therapeutic counseling, we will go with you every week, explore your inner self and give you the tools so you can overcome the problems yourself.

You can contact us through this number 0936661411 (Daniel), or through our Facebook page

Connection Coach is a learning and creative space, embracing the spirit of support and connection, where every connector is allowed to be himself or herself, all of us can live in a true community. The place where dreams come true.