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Dreams: Lost & Found | Connection Coach

Awake your hidden potential. Find your sweet spot: passion, talents, and life plan merge to add value to others.


… then the second step is to shake away all the emotional burdens on your shoulder to go there faster.

Do you know exactly what you want? And even when you already know, do you dare to go there, or do fears still stop you?

📌 This is your answer! Dreams: Lost & Found (3 full days from 8:00am on Friday to 7:00pm on Sunday.

Registration: http://bit.ly/TimUocMoDiLac
Time: chosen in the registration form
Venue: A.12-04, PARCSpring, 537 Nguyễn Duy Trinh, D.2, HCMC (venues in other cities will be announced closer to the program dates)
Hosts: Daniel & Minh Tran
(ACTA, MTD, Life Coach, NLP Therapeutic Coach, Counselor, DTM of Toastmasters International, Founder of Connection Coach)

Dreams: Lost & Foundwill be “donation-based”, which means, you can join the program and give us any amount you want, according to your capacity and the value you create in the program.

On your side, you just need to:
– Be 23 or above
– Commit to attend the FULL PROGRAM
– SWITCH OFF YOUR PHONE to completely focus your mind and body in the activities
– Connect with us on Facebook so we can invite you to the group chat (fb.com/daniel.tranat)
– Transfer 200.000đ for lunch and snacks in the program (non-refundable) so to confirm that you will definitely join the program. The deadline for transfer is one week before the program.
– … and leave the rest to us!

This is the account information

Account name: Trần Anh Tuấn
Account number: 110312067 (VPBank, Ho Chi Minh branch)

Are you lost?

💠 Many young people (and many not so young) have told us that they were lost, not knowing where life would lead them to. Not knowing what we would do to make this life better. Not knowing what we were living for. They needed their guiding light.

You know what? That light is already and always inside you. And we will help you light it up. This 3-day experiential program gives you a space to answer the 3 most important questions in your life:

➩ Friday (8:00am to 8:00pm) What makes you who you are today? – Your life history, your capacity, your values, your purpose.
➩ Saturday (8:00am to 8:00pm) What do you really want to do? – Your dreams, your goals, your life plan.
➩ Sunday (8:00am to 8:00pm) How do you do it? – Your courage, your actions, your habits.

This is what others have said about the program (in Vietnamese): https://www.facebook.com/pg/ConnectionCoach.vn/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1953494978282274

📌 If these are the questions you still struggle to answer, if these are your topmost concerns in this stage of your life, you’re welcome to join us. Who knows, your big answers will come in just 3 days.

Connection Coach brings you through the experience and tools that help you awake your inner capacity and test your dream. On the last day, you will join a therapeutic process to overcome your biggest fear, still there to stop you, make you hesitate, prevent you from going toward your the future you want to

What is the value of the program?

💠 Dreams: Lost & Found is valued at 8.900.000 VND (~400 USD)

However, we realize the importance of this program in your life, many participants have registered with us but could not proceed because of financial limitation. Thus, we decide that Dreams: Lost & Found will be “donation-based”, which means, you can join the program and give us any amount you want, according to your capacity and the value you create in the program.

On our side, we always promise to deliver the value and quality much higher than the set price which we previously decided.

Join us to create a beautiful life, and welcome home!

Who are we?


I am a trainer of human potential, an inventor of ideas, a Toastmaster of inspirational expressions, and a believer of everyone achieving their dreams. My past adventures include authoring and co-authoring 10 patents in the field of audio and ultrasonic technologies, performing in rock bands, organizing a cross-country business case competition and also winning one, and public speaking.

My life purpose brings me to people development.

I am now a host, facilitator and coach of Connection Coach, a new venture which my wife and I founded to help others realize their full potential and make a positive impact in the society through leadership, growth, and connection.

I see myself as a Dream Catcher, a protector of dreams. I design learning processes and supportive environments, in which participants can remember their unique talents (PURPOSE), know what they really want to do (DREAM), develop plans to actually do it (PASSION), grow to their maximum capacity (POTENTIAL), finally to arrive at the answer to the question: Why do we exist on this Earth?

I am Daniel Tran.


I’m Minh Tran, relationship coach, expressionist, and trainer of human potential. My life aligns with freedom, respect and compassion; so all of my choices can shine and become simple. My passion is to help you to empower yourself, bring harmony to your relationships and connections. So you can live life on your own terms, and change the world in your own way.

You can find parts of the new you in some of my stories, sharing and learning. In this home I share life, blogs, videos, online courses about connection, relationship, expression, freedom, travel, and all nourishing things for your seeds as human beings.

Welcome home, and thanks for allowing me to touch your life.


Read more here: http://www.connectioncoach.vn/en/about-connection-coach/

Connection Coach takes life experiences and creates from them the learning processes and tools, so that you can grow fully in all physical, spiritual, and mental aspects, then to re-member your passion and life purpose, and live a meaningful life by adding value to others, from those very own passion and purpose.

In those processes, you connect with yourself to recognize your talents and strengths, using them to build a worthy career. You will be able to answer three burning questions: What makes you who you are today? What do you really want to do? How do you do it? From the answers, you will realize your passion and life purpose.

You connect with others around you to proactively put yourself into their lives, and proactively put them into your life, to love and to beloved, to guide and be guided on the journey. That’s the heart of a meaningful life.

Connection Coach is a learning and creative space, embracing the spirit of support and connection, where every connector is allowed to be himself or herself, all of us can live in a true community. The place where dreams come true.

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