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Remember who we are

Each of us is a miracle. We are all complete when we're born. Somehow, in the process of growing up, of domestication into the social norms and standards, we forget that we're already perfect. It's important to remember who we are.

Almost everyone I talked with had the same questions on passion. Most of us don't know what our passion is. Yet it's very easy to know a person who has passion. Just look at a child, you will understand what passion means. It is the joy every kid displays toward life. Kids will just do whatever they like to do without worrying what others will think or judge of them. And they refuse to do what they don't like. What about us - the clever and intelligent adults? We don't know what our passion is simply because: we don't dare to express. We worry too much of others' opinions, so much that we don't dare to love something that is not easily approved by others. We are influenced by the noises around us and afraid that our expressions will make those noises angry. Don't talk about passion if you're still afraid to express.

Such is the problem we all face. We don't know our passion because we don't want to express. Once we are no longer afraid of self-expression, passion surely manifests into anything we do. We may then even ask the opposite question: how to focus on just ONE passion.

It's time to remember who we are. Re-member: that is to come back to our original identity and be a part of the grand creator - re: back and member: a part of something. Come back to be a part of our original self.

To know our true passion, we must be able to get away from all the noises around us.

1. Get away from the physical noises

It's hard to find a calm moment these days. In one of our classes, we suggested the participants to take 15 minutes of quiet time every day to reflect. And one participant said it's impossible because his wife and kid needed him all the time - he had a 6-month-old boy. It's funny to even think that just 10 or 15 minutes of quiet and alone time is difficult. Our wives or husbands or kids will still be the same after that 15 minutes.

2. Get away from the mental noises

We live through opinions and approvals of others - because we've been taught to do that since we could remember. As a child, we slowly had to listen to our parents and get their approval for everything we did. But now, we're already adults. We must start to learn how to guard ourselves from opinions. Opinions are nothing but noises.

3. Get away from the spiritual noises

This is the hardest to recognize - we don't let ourselves express not just because of the fear from outside, but most importantly the fear from inside. We all listen to our own voice. What does it tell us? Does it say: I'm good, I can be whatever I want? Or does it say: I'm just normal, I can never be like that successful guy? These negative voices are from our own spirit, and they're also noises.

We must get rid of these noises, so that we can finally re-member with our original self to ignite that buried passion that we once had.

I am a trainer of human potential, an inventor of ideas, a Toastmaster of inspirational expressions, and a believer of everyone achieving their dreams. My past adventures include authoring and co-authoring 10 patents in the field of audio and ultrasonic technologies, performing in rock bands, organizing a cross-country business case competition and also winning one, and public speaking. My life purpose brings me to people development. I am now a writer, facilitator and coach of Connection Coach, a new venture to help others realize their full potential and make a positive impact in the society through leadership, growth, and connection.

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