The first step to question who we are, what we feel, what we think, what we do, what we ask, and what we really want, before embarking on the journey of living full of complications, layers of emotional barriers, perspectives, and opinions.

It is not difficult to realize that more and more among us refuse to connect with ourselves.

Are there those who consider beautiful clothes and fancy phones as necessities to prove that we’re stylish? Are there those who race after our friends to open “start-up” companies but don’t really know what to do with them? Are there those who find happiness in a “dream” relationship but in reality we can’t be happy with ourselves? Are there those who go to beauty parlor and plastic surgery to change our looks to be like someone else, but still are never satisfied with our own selves? Are there those who become so proud of our deep and wide knowledge, but can’t even change ourselves to be more flexible, to achieve what we want - we don’t even know what we truly want?

Why are all these happening right now?

Modern life is becoming convenient and easy with widespread use of technology, smart phones, social networks. And we humans are catching up with the trends by changing from direct connections to indirect connections in a lightning speed. Since very small, we have early been protected in a way-too-safe environment, in our parents’ arms, in our schools’ borders, in our society’s norms. That kindness partly causes us to forget the importance of efforts and failures; it’s even shameful to fail. We don’t know what we want, because all the important needs are all satisfied from our early age.

All those influences create a strange generation, active but not proactive: people who don’t know who they are, don’t know what they’re good at, don’t know where they want their lives to be, don’t know what they can do and contribute. The consequence is all the projects that were started but never finished, all the employees who change jobs within months, all the start-up companies that die before even being born, all the relationships that end even before beginning.

Connect Coach is a new learning space that helps you

Free yourself

From the barriers created by your environment and yourself

Create a spirit

That is free, centered, and live a meaningful life

Clarify and peel

The layers of old limiting beliefs

Plant and grow

New beliefs

You will truly live and experience an environment of connection and support, where everyone can freely express our full selves and our true abilities. We will walk with you to ask the significant questions that you have been looking for in all your life. Together with us, you will write your own story, and create a conclusion you want.

We see a future

In which, each of us can freely express the gifts that were given to us since birth, the hidden potential that is waiting to be woken. Each of us can grow our own seeds of life, know exactly what we want to contribute to bring our community to a new significant path. Potential is limited, and we all can reach that potential with focus, awareness, and discipline.

Open yourself in our experiencing activities, share your untold story to be listened, and continue o write your own future with new choices. We are always walking beside you.



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